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From Sarah: “Loved this book! From the first page to the last it carried me along without a pause. Very well written. Excellent messages about family, faith, forgiveness, redemption, slavery, and the underground railroad. All without being preachy or obvious. The book has a compelling plot with believable people that you can’t help but care about. Hopefully there will be a sequel.”

From Rochelle: “Wonderfully written. Perfect for the middle school reader (boy/girl) or adult reader. No swearing or sexual content. You won’t be disappointed.”

From Heather: “My blood pressure didn’t like the tension in When Sparrows Fall, but my reader-self loved it. Susanna works through the trauma of her father’s gruesome death, the anger of an abusive step-father and an unloving step-sister, and the curiosity of her forbidden neighbor’s midnight rendezvous. Because of Blackstone’s authentic writing style, I wasn’t sure if things would end happily or not – and I liked that…  When Sparrows Fall combines authentic faith-evaluation and a glimpse into Mennonite life while watching the tension of pre-Civil War morality seep into the Mennonite “in the world but not of it” culture. I want to tell you more about both the characters and the interesting way Blackstone weaves culture and events together, but I don’t want to ruin the mystery or suspense. :) I would highly recommend this for reluctant readers since the suspense and unique time period will keep their interest (and avid readers will enjoy it too!).”

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  1. As a 48 year old male who enjoys authors like Clive Cussler, I did not know what to expect when I read “When Sparrows Fall”, but I really enjoyed this book! I would recommend this to anyone from age 8 to 99! If you grew up in the Mennonite Church or have ever wondered about the Mennonite Church lots of good insight to go along with a great story!!


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